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##Bringing a holistic approach in Wellness & Health Care Services## 


wellFY,is a brand of Lakshman Health Care Technologies ,a firm registered under UDYAM.

We are here to take care of the most priceless possession…Your body. For the expected, unexpected and everything in between, our aim is to form your full circle of care.

The company offers complete Preventive Healthcare Solution right at your doorstep/center through our dedicated team of competent and experienced health professionals. We have come up with a tech driven approach where the customer's entire journey from booking to report delivery is seamless and simplified.

We have partnered with state-of-the-art fully automated NABL and CAP accredited laboratories to execute these services ,they have a large team of highly skilled phlebotomists/technicians to execute  these activities.

We also strive to let our customers imbibe “Ayurveda & Wellness” as their way of living to remain fit and have a longer and healthier life.


Changing lives, with caring hearts >>> Life’s got problems, we’ve got solutions

Lab Experiment

Diagnostics Test

As times have evolved, Convenience, Hygiene, Safety and Quality is what every customer looks for and that’s the mantra of  wellFY.

To meet these expectations & provide best of care close to home, we have partnered with NABL accredited and ICMR approved  state-of-the-art fully automated laboratories, having a large team of highly skilled phlebotomists who specialize in sample collection from homes.

Insurance Agent

Insurance Claim Assistance

Claiming Insurance Compensation can at times take away the peace of your mind .

Why to worry???? To avoid any heartburn in future,wellFY is here.

Despite the fact that the claim settlement process in the recent past has geared up, a lingering matter of concern is long waiting period of claims, wherein the core objective of insurance gets defeated. Policyholders, their beneficiaries and Insurance Advisors have to often battle obstacles in the smooth settlement of claims.

We offer solutions for quick and hassle-free claim settlement process:

  1. Help you understand the Policy inside out

  2. Formalities and Prerequisites to claim filing

  3. Help you understand the claim Settlement Process :including the documentation ,formalities and all other requirements associated

Health Analysis & Tele Advise

Keep yourself informed about what your body is demanding because it will help you to make wise decisions regarding your health. 

Considering this we have come up with a holistic approach that primary health evaluation cycle needs to be completed for every test. Our team of expert medical professionals will provide tele-consultation to each customer and provide further guidance based on their pathological readings.


Remember, with an early detection and timely treatment, we can prevent many fatal health issues.


We also advise our customers to inculcate "AYUSH" culture in their way of life as first and foremost role of traditional medicines is in prevention of diseases. if a person  uses  "AYUSH"  therapies  for maintenance  of  his  health  then  his  health-related  misery  will be  cut down  to a  drastic extent.